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Why use Web Touch Solutions for your Search Engine Marketing?

Google Adwords is a good tool for online marketing but can easily end up costing the earth. All of our clients prefer to use ourselves rather than risk their budget & working hours wrestling with Google Adwords. Google charge individuals and businesses everytime somebody clicks on their online Ads.

If you are not an experienced internet marketeer you can easily end up costing your business a lot more than your return on investment. As well as this you can fall victim to Click Fraud. Click fraud can blow your monthly budget within a few days if you are not careful.

Click fraud is an underhand technique becoming more of a problem online, this would usually involve somebody repeatedly clicking on your ad to cost you more and more money. This of course would eventually price you out of the market and cause you to fall off the search engine when your budget has gone within just a few days. This is a very powerful technique probably being used by your competition online today.

What are the main reasons clients prefer to use us ?

We do not charge you each time people click on your site. We work out how popular your selected keywords are and how much the current competition is paying per click. We then charge just one set monthly fee that guarantees you a listing on Google & the other major search engines for a whole month. This immediately gives you a more managable budget. This is especially important during the current financial climate.

We have been in this business for almost 10 years and we certainly know what we are doing. We use all of our experience to make sure that you receive a high rate of targeted traffic that avoids the pitfalls you can walk into using adwords. 95% of the time this works out to be a lot cheaper for your business.

The more money you save by using us will improve your return on investment margins.

Whats more we can not only save you money but we save you time. If you have used Adwords in the past then you will know how much of your time it can take over. You have to constantly check your budget, your rankings and outbid your competition all the time. We have a team that does all of this for you, for potentially much less of the cost, each and everyday. Its our sole purpose to ensure your first page listing is visable 24/7. Imagine getting this time back to run your business rather than worrying about marketing it.

Telephone support between 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday.

Email Support 24/7, we provide email support around the clock to get instant answers to your questions.

Why should you use Web Touch Solutions rather than another company?

We like to think that when it comes to value for money & quality of service that nobody comes close to us. We have setup a dedicated page to tell you why please click the link below to see exactly what you would be getting by joining us & why we are better than most.

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Why Choose Us ?

1. Guaranteed Google Listings.

2. No contract to sign at all.

3. 100% money back guarantee.

4. No pay per clicks.

5. Online 24 hours a day.

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