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What is Article Marketing ?

Article Marketing has been around for sometime, it is only now that business owners are realising how powerful this can be towards your online marketing. Article marketing will increase direct traffic to your site instantly and will then improve your natural ranking in all the major search engines on the Internet.

Article marketing is basically writing a high quality press release that will highlight a problem, show the reader how your company can fix this and then funnel the reader to your website so that you will get the sales & enquiries.

This form of marketing becomes much more effective when you can write and submit as many unique articles as possible to all the highly regarded directories & social network sites. Of course this can take many hours and man power to write and publish all the required elements

To somebody that has never done marketing via articles before, you would be forgiven for thinking it sounds a little to easy to simply write an article, submit it and then receive sales & enquiries.

There is a little more to it than that :)

Where will my Articles be seen ?

There is absolutely no point in being able to write high quality articles if you have absolutely no idea where to submit them to & more importantly how to submit them.

Your article must be submitted to the major players in the article industry such as Ezine Articles, Articlebases, Digg , Mixx & Propeller. However you cannot just submit your articles to these sites and leave it, these websites have extremely strong filters that will detect the same article being submitted and will reject your submission or even worse ban your account.

You see these article databases have a very good relationship with Google. They achieved this by having these filters in place so that their sites only shown great content. If you do not know your way around these filters and you just throw article after article at them then you will do more harm than good to your website.

Put quite simply Google would pickup on the fact that you are submitting the same content trying to get into these directories. Once they detect this they will punish the linking website contained in the article. Ie Your business website.

We have 3 years experience submitting articles to over 60 highly ranking, Google friendly directories and social networks. More importantly we do it the correct way to make sure that your site is not blacklisted and receives the maximum amount of traffic from our work.

For the full rundown of our service and for proof of what this can do for your business then please jump to the How Article marketing works section of our website. You will be amazed at some of the results.

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