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Website Design Frequently Asked Questions.

Below you will find a few of the questions that get commonly asked, please check them out as your answer maybe just a few lines below:

Who owns the domain name & website once the project is complete ?

You do. We may put our contact details in as the admin contact so that we can deal with any problems without disturbing your working day but the legal owner of both the domain name and the website will be you or your business.

What about payment plans / breaking down the cost ?

We are more than happy to discuss a payment plan with you in order to make your new website more affordable. We appreciate that in these tough economic times people need to split payments into 2, 3 or sometimes 4 equal amounts.

We have no problem delivering this credit service to our clients.

Why do i have to pay for my domain and hosting renewal ?

Your domain names and hosting accounts are renewable after each 12 month period. No matter where you go on the internet you will find annual domain/hosting renewals. The only way to get around this would be to invest a substancial amount of money in your own server, this would be pretty pointless considering for such a little amount we maintain the service on your website & emails all year around. Its like paying for your Tv license really..

How long does it take to build my website ?

That really does depend on the size of the project we are working on. The most common hold-up for any project we have ever done is waiting for the client to supply all the necessary information before we can begin building things. If you have all the content and images for your website ready to go then we will be able to commence work on your project right away..

Why do i need to pay a deposit before you start the project ?

The deposit is in place to protect ourselves really. Unfortunately in the past we have developed websites for people without taking a deposit and have spent weeks building the website. Once complete the client has then ripped the website and taken the design elsewhere or they have gone bust and could not complete payment. The deposit ensures that we can get stuck into your project and that you get the best project possible.

Do you store my website as back up on file ?

Yes, we will have a copy of your site and any changes that you ask us to make on file. Beware though however, if you change the website yourself or somebody else changes the site on your behalf then we will not have a copy of these changes. In these circumstances you are resposnsible for your own back ups.

Want to speak to somebody about this ?

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You can now type anonymously and ask any questions you have in a live chat to one of our friendly advisers.


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4. We use Google friendly coding.

5. Professional business hosting.

6. We give 24 hour support.

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