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What is the difference between sponsored listings & natural seo ?

We get asked this question all of the time and thought we would dedicate a page to clearing this up.

Sponsored Links.

If you search for anything on Google you will instantly be provided by 2 sets of results. You will notice a shaded box area that contain listings 1 - 3 and you should also see some advertisements that feature down the right hand column of the Google page. These are the sponsored links.

Natural / Organic listings

The results that are shown that are not in a shaded box or features down the right hand column are the natural or organic listings. These are made up of websites that have been optimised to show on the first page and Google's local business listings.

What is best Sponsored listings or natural listings?

A question that is asked a lot by many clients is what is best, Sponsored listings or Natural SEO?

The question is hard to answer as it really does depend upon your own specific requirements and of course budget. Both services work so well together as a structured campaign that i always recommend that clients use each of them. The sponsored service that we offer will bring instant traffic to your site whilst we work in the background on the natural SEO to improve your natural rankings.

Once we have achieved a nice balance of sponsored listings and natural listings we can then simply maintain these for you to ensure you receive the very best returns on investment and the greatest amount of exposure. All of the big companies use this strategy to dominate the Google listings and we would try to achieve this for you.

Which is best to use if my business / website is quite new?

If your business and/or website is relatively new then you are going to need instant traffic to your site that returns on your investment asap.

You will only have a small budget to work with and you will have no search history with Google or stats to build upon to know which keywords work the best and which don't.

With this in mind i would only ever recommend the Sponsored Listing Service to new clients.

We would do all the hard work for you, search for the keywords that we believe would work for you using our tools & 10 years of experience and manage all the campaigns using our own accounts with Google. This would mean that you would only pay a set fee per month, no cost per clicks or account setup fee's and therefore would know exactly how much return on investment you were getting each month.

As the months go by and we adapt your campaign to the reports that are fed back to us we would expect you to be receiving more traffic and returns on investment than ever before. Once we reach this point we would then suggest looking at the natural SEO service that we provide to propel your search engine marketing onto the next level

Eventually the idea is to have a good first page position on both the sponsored and the natural listings. This will then enable you to dominate Google and receive the maximum returns on your investment.

I already have a Sponsored listing but really struggle in the natural rankings.

This is very common for businesses across the UK. Your ranking in the sponsored listings has no effect on the natural listings at all.

Natural SEO consists of 2 very different components and both must be done together in order for your website to improve and climb the rankings.

Onsite SEO

Onsite SEO is all about the work done on your site to make it more search engine friendly, keyword rich and populated with good relevant content. You must have titles, alt text, headers and content written in the correct manner so that Google & the other major search engines can read content and see that you are extremely relevant for the keywords that you are trying to promote.

Offsite SEO

Offsite SEO is the hardest & longest part of the process and MUST be done right otherwise it can cause serious damage to your websites relationship with the search engines.

Offsite SEO is the process of building backlinks, writing articles, press releases, social bookmarking & Link Wheel creation.

The most important part of the whole process is to make everything look like your websites popularity is growing naturally overtime.

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