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Natural SEO - FAQ Section

Below you will find a small section of common questions that are asked about natural SEO.

How long does natural seo take to work?

Natural SEO is a long term strategy and can take anything from 3 - 12 months to achieve your goals depending upon the competition for your desired keywords.

Why do i need to have onsite SEO & offsite SEO?

You don't have to take both services but you will probably struggle to achieve the results that you want if you do not.

Only by having a fine balance of good onsite SEO & great offsite SEO can you really start challenging for a top 3 place in google.

Can i help to speed the process up ?

Yes if you can add new content to your site on a daily basis then this would help. This might sound a little hard but a simple blog or twitter feed would certainly help.

We would do this for you with our onsite SEO suggestions however if you are only looking at offsite SEO from us then this is definitely something you can do to help.

Can i pay monthly for this service?


Will any of your actions cause harm to my website?

No! There are many companies out there that claim to be SEO experts. What they really mean is that they know how to cheat Google into giving you good ranking that will last for a very short period of time. They will take your money and be long gone before your site gets blacklisted with Google. Do not run the risk.

All of the services that we provide are ethical and will only benefit your website.

I do not want to be tied into any form of contract, will you insist i sign one?

Not at all we actually like the challenge of proving to you how good we are each and every month rather than having a signed legal document that keeps you attached to us.

We will never ask you to sign a contract for this service, you are free to choose to continue or not at the end of each month. Should you decide to quit at anytime then that is fine.

Natural SEO is a long term strategy though and in all honesty if you did this for 1 month and then stopped it would not do your site much good.

Make sure Natural SEO is something you definitely want to do before starting.


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