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How Does Article Marketing Work ?

I am sure that you will agree that the whole point of having a website is to get visitors to it to buy or subscribe to your service. Well Article marketing is going to do just that for you by funnelling high quality visitors from all the different article directories & social network websites.

The following will take you through how we do things and exactly why it works

We shall look at your website and use our various tools and techniques to show you which keywords to target. These keywords will show you how competitive your industry is and also how popular each keyword is. Once we select a keyword to target we shall tailor make a professional article that will rank highly for this keyword.

All of our articles are professionally written and will discuss the keyword in relation to your industry. The article will present a problem, show your company as the solution and then direct readers to your website. The article will be written in an engaging, exciting manner so that the reader will always want to read more information about your business. The articles will have 1 - 2 direct links to your site embedded in them.

We shall then create 3 different versions of that particular article and prepare them for distribution. This step is taken to ensure you do not get punished by the article directories and search engines for submitting the same article. This part of the service is done free of charge and at no extra cost.
Nobody else in our industry will offer you this for free!

Web Touch Solutions will then start to distribute your 3 unique articles to over 60 high valued article directories and social network sites. All of these sites have an excellent relationship with Google & the other search engines. This is excellent news for your website. We have just upgraded our service to include 32 more highly ranked social network sites to submit to !

Due to the fact that we have created 3 different articles that cover the same topics, we can submit your articles to the same directories and social network sites. This will create x3 the interest to your site & even more high quality backlinks for the search engines to pick up on.

As each article directory & social network site begin to publish your articles, you will start to receive a steady stream of unique visitors to your site. These visitors are highly targeted as they have clicked on the link in the article to view your website, this indicates that they are either ready to buy or at the very least request further information from you.

Once all the articles are published we shall alert Google & the other major search engines to go and visit them. As the search engines start to crawl over the information within the articles they will see the direct link to your website. They will then automatically assume that your website is related highly in your particular field and so will increase your rank in the natural search engines. Also because the link came from a website which the already hold in high regard, they will increase your rank even higher!

By the time we have finished you could have a potential 200 + articles live, each and everyone of them directing traffic back to your website forever.

Follow the Article Marketing Timeline below

As you can see Article Marketing is very powerful and will produce great targeted traffic to your website month after month, year after year.

The articles we write create positive reviews for your company and promote your products whilst at the same time they are picked up AS A BACKLINK by all the major search engines and increase your ranking and profile to help you gain great natural rankings.

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