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Guaranteed Google listing service - FAQ Section

Please find a small section of frequently asked questions below that we commonly hear.

How long does it take before my Ad will be live on Google ?

We always quote between 24 - 48 hours to be sure but on average we turn the process around within 12 hours.

How many keywords can i promote at the same time?

You can have as many keywords as you like. This will of course depend upon the level of budget that you have to spend as we will price each keyword individually for you.

How is the price worked out if you don't charge per click?

The price is determined by how popular a keyword is and how the current marketing is competing for that particular keyword.

The more a keyword is searched & the more people trying to achieve a first page listing will inflate the price.

Of course there are always the hidden gems that have lots of people searching for them but hardly anybody trying to get on the first page for. We will search these out for you if they are available.

How will i receive my stat report at the end of the month?

Your stat report will be sent to you via email in the form of a spreadsheet a few days before your camapign is due to expire.

If you do not have microsoft office then there are alternative methods that we can use to send you this information. Please let your account manager know that you need the stat report in a different format and it shall be done.

What happens if my listing goes off-line ?

We monitor your listings 24/7 however if a problem did arise that caused your listings to be removed then we would give you any missed time back when your renewal was due. So if you lost a 12 hours due to a problem with the service we would compensate you with an additional 24 hours to the date that was specified in your invoice.

If you cannot get my listing on the first page of Google what would happen?

In the unlikely event that this was to happen we would provide you with a 100% refund of any monies paid.

I want a guaranteed listing in the top 3 on Google!

Unfortunatley we cannot 100% guarantee you a top 3 listing on Google. We would advise you to be cautious of anybody that claimed they could.

We 100% guarantee to aim to reach a page 1 listing for your company and we will always try to get you as high up the page as possible. We have found that this is more than satisfactory for our clients to receive great traffic and excellent returns on investment.

We also offer a guaranteed listings in every other search engine that we work with. So should you only be interested in this then we would love to get this for you on Yahoo, Bing etc.

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