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How is the cost decided for a 1st page listing on the Search Engines ?

Our search engine service can be tailor made to fit any monthly budget.

Even if you have a marketing budget of less than £100 a month, we can compile an excellent marketing campaign for you.

The price is affected by the keywords that you wish to be found under. The more popular the keyword the more it tends to cost each month. If your first choice keywords are beyond your monthly budget then we will compile a report to show you similar keywords that would bring traffic to your website but are within your budget.

The following bullet points will explain the process we use to get your price for a guaranteed first page listing:

  • The Team member that you speak to first will ask for 4 keywords that you would like your site to be found under on the search engines.
  • Our team will carry out keyword research to find out how popular the keywords are.
  • We shall then recommend any further keywords that we find that we believe would benefit your website.
  • We shall then measure up the popularity of your keywords compared to how competitive it is to achieve a first page listing.
  • Upon determining a cost to guarantee a first page listing for 1 month we shall then return the quote via email.
  • You will notice that we break the quote down and price each keyword individually so you can build a bespoke campaign.
  • Once you have chosen all of the keywords that fit your budget we will apply any applicable discounts and confirm cost.
  • Once you have instructed us to proceed we shall submit everything to Google for review and processing.
  • Within 48 hours you will have a guaranteed first page search engine listing.

Can i really get a listing on Google for a very limited budget?

Yes! We have many clients that cannot afford to get this wrong and so we work very closely with them to ensure we get the best keywords possible for the budget available.

We even turn greatt returns around for clients who pay as little as just £35 per month.

The point being is that we believe no matter the size of your budget we can provide a solid marketing foundation that will ensure your website receives genuine traffic each and every month. Sure you might not be able to afford the best keyword in your industry at first, but by starting small, making good returns on your investment and then reinvesting some of this into a larger marketing pot you will be well on the road to success.

We will of course be guiding the whole campaign with you every step of the way

How long does it take to get your listings on the first page of Google ?

We always say that it can take between 24 - 48 hours to get your site on the first page of Google however the average time it has been taking us recently is just under 24 hours.

We are a friendly bunch of people, why not contact us?

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Why Choose Us ?

1. Guaranteed Google listings.

2. No contract to sign at all.

3. 100% money back guarantee.

4. No pay per clicks.

5. Online 24 hours a day.

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