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Article Marketing - FAQ Section.

Below you will find some of the more common questions that are asked to do with Article Marketing. Please see if your question is listed below, if not we are more than happy to hear from you to answer your questions.

How can article marketing help me with the search engines?

First, if you submit your business to enough article directories and use the article directories to build backlinks, then you will increase your rankings in the major search engines, which will get you more traffic & hopefully more sales! This will also increase your page rank, which will help your search engine rankings. And you will be getting more exposure, which as you know is the best way to increase sales & profit.

Why is article marketing better than selling direct from your website?

Nobody wants to be sold to, fact. People looking on the internet are looking for information about a certain product or service and it's this interest that leads to the sale.

By providing information in a third party article you are creating interest in the product / service, building trust & of course in-directly selling to the reader. By providing a link at the end of the article to your own website you encourage people to gain more information directly from your site and you of course then guide them towards your sales pages.

Once people reach your sales page they should be either ready to buy or the information on your site will be the final push they need to commit to the sale. Article Marketing is very powerful, use it.

Social Bookmarking not only creates additional traffic streams to your site from the specific bookmarking websites but it also increases your own sites natural rankings because they provide reasonable quality backlinks to your site.
( If you are not sure why backlinks are important then check out this link-- Why are backlinks important? )

What is Social Bookmarking Marketing?

Social bookmarking involves promoting content in various ways to social media users, in attempt to increase traffic and exposure. Social bookmarking can involve developing content that targets social media users, building a network of other users, requesting votes from others, and anything else that involves getting votes and traffic from social media websites..

Social Bookmarking is free to do so why do you charge?

That is correct, Social Bookmarking is free to do and if you have the knowledge and skill to do this right then i strongly recommend you do it yourself.

If you are one of the majority of people who do not know how to do Social Bookmarking correctly, and when i say correctly i mean for commercial marketing not just for fun, then you are going to need a professional to do it.

Like all professionals we charge for our time to do a job properly that will ensure your website is not blacklisted and hopefully generate the maximum returns for your investment.

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